About Us


Fire Prevention Centre was formed in 2006. This is our 12th Anniversary imparting good knowledge on Fire Safety and Emergency Readiness. We strive and aim to work closely with both the public and private entities to achieve and enhance the objective of living in a safer, fire-hazard free environment, emergency readied for ourselves and our future generation. Our company is located in Harper Road, Singapore.

Fire kills and destroys. It will not say sorry to the lives and properties that have been destroyed. Every year, many homes are destroyed by fires and very often leaving innocent people homeless, injured or killed in the fire scene.

We extend invitations to organizations to participate in our Emergency Readiness program. This is to fulfill part of our social obligation towards the community. We are an independent entity who works closely with the public to promote and enhance fire safety through educational talks.

Fire Prevention Centre creates Fire Safety and Emergency Rediness programs. We are not accredited to any government bodies but our Consultants are well trained to impart good knowledge on Fire Safety and Emergency Readiness. Please let us be your First Choice when it comes to arranging for a Fire Safety and Emergency Readiness Program for your Organization!

Milestones and Credentials

We have extensive experience in conducting Fire Safety and Emergency Readiness seminars to both private and public organizations in Singapore as well as countries like Hong Kong, China, Australia and Malaysia. Our efforts have been recognized and appreciated by many. We have also been awarded with various merits and awards. Our intensive program covers the importance of fire prevention, statistics on the realities of fire hazards and preventive measures and the understanding of safety equipment and sharing of case studies.

We have conducted successful seminars to Government sectors such as SAF, Prison Service, Air Force, Navy, Police Force, Embassies, NHG, NIE, MOE, Colleges and Schools. Supreme Court, Automobiles, Aviation Industries and private organizations.

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