E-scooter sets off sparks and starts fire at HDB unit in Woodlands
E-scooter sets off sparks and starts fire at HDB unit in Woodlands

Flat owner Junainah Sulaiman, 31, was asleep in the bedroom on Tuesday morning (Aug 14) while her two daughters, aged 10 and 11, were having breakfast.

Her boyfriend, Mr Mohammad Faizul, 39, was also in the sixth-storey unit at Block 806 Woodlands Street 81, and one of the girls reminded him that his e-scooter was still being charged.

When Mr Faizul pulled the e-scooter's plug out of the charging socket, sparks appeared and almost immediately, a fire broke out. Ms Junainah immediately ran into her bedroom with her daughters because she could not see through the smoke in the living room. She shouted for help from the window and asked passers-by downstairs to call 995. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said its officers responded to the fire at 8.48am.

By the time SCDF personnel arrived at the scene, the couple had already evacuated the flat after extinguishing the fire using buckets of water. Mr Faizul, a part-time Deliveroo rider, suffered burns on his back and right arm.

His two-month-old Ultron V9 e-scooter was purchased off Carousell and he said it had no charging problems prior to the incident. Mr Faizul said he had always charged his e-scooter for close to five hours, but it had been charging for only three hours before the incident.

The SCDF said the cause of the fire is under investigation.



Published : 20-Aug-2018

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