Pinnacle@Duxton flat catches fire; 2 taken to hospital
Pinnacle@Duxton flat catches fire; 2 taken to hospital

An elderly couple was taken to hospital for smoke inhalation after a 48th-floor flat in Block 1D of the Pinnacle@Duxton caught fire at about 4.15am on Monday (21 May 2018). 

Around 50 residents were evacuated.  

A resident on the 48th floor, Madam Yu, 30, told Lianhe Wanbao that an elderly couple in their 60s lived in the apartment that caught fire. At about 4am, the elderly man had knocked on Madam Yu’s door and told her that a fire had broken out in his home. 

Madam Yu called the SCDF for help and went out to investigate the incident. She said by then, stifling smoke had filled the corridors, and she could not even see her fingers. 

Fortunately, the SCDF reached the scene within five minutes and officers instructed the residents to crawl on the floor towards the staircase, which they used to exit the building. According to Madam Yu, the corridor was very hot and the smoke was very thick. They had to depend on the SCDF officers to show us the way using torchlights. Madam Yu and her husband had to crawl to the staircase. Madam Yu revealed that although the building was equipped with a fire alarm, she has never heard it ring once.

The fire involved the contents of a bedroom and was extinguished using two water jets. 

A couple in their 60s believed to be the owners of the affected unit were conscious when conveyed to Singapore General Hospital (SGH).



Published : 23-May-2018

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