Father broke window to free trapped sons
Father broke window to free trapped sons

A fire that broke out in a sixth-storey unit at Block 132 Cashew Road on Monday night (4 Feb 2019) was caused by an e-scooter and left a father and his two sons with burn injuries.

The SCDF, which was alerted to the fire at around 8.45pm, said that nine people had evacuated from the affected unit, three of whom were taken to hospital with burn injuries.

The group of five were having a family gathering with the couple's other children and a three-year-old grandson when the fire occurred.

A neighbour revealed: 'The elderly house owner was chilling outside his unit when he saw smoke emitting from a bedroom window. He shouted and six members of the family hurriedly left the flat. He then used an iron bar to break the glass of the bedroom window.'

According to the SCDF, preliminary fire investigation findings indicate that the fire started from an e-scooter placed in one of the unit's bedrooms.



Published : 18-Feb-2019

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